Motor Vehicle Inspections Workers

New Jersey State Motor Vehicle Employee’s Union

For more than forty years, SEIU Local 518 members have been on the frontlines of the fight for clean air and safe roads. Our members work at auto inspection centers, motor vehicle agencies, and on highways throughout the State to enforce motor vehicle laws and regulations. The public services Local 518 members perform contribute greatly to the effort by the State of New Jersey to protect its citizens from the effects of unhealthy auto emissions and the dangers of unsafe vehicles on our congested roadways.

Local 518 is a democratic, rank-and-file organization where elected officers conduct the day-to-day operations of the Local, including grievance representation and contract negotiations. As a statewide local representing employees of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and the Parsons Corporation, the officers and members of SEIU Local 518 are politically active, and are involved with charitable causes in communities throughout New Jersey. The Local 518 Scholarship Committee awards $1,000 grants to deserving children of union members at an annual scholarship brunch and the Political Action Committee actively seeks voluntary contributions to support the local’s ambitious political program.

SEIU Local 518
92 Monroe Street
Garfield, New Jersey

For more information on SEIU Local 518 please call 973-773-9982.

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